Monica Polanco LMT Licensed Massage Therapist



“Monica provides a wonderful, highly finessed massage that is very effective at reducing pain and increasing the quality of life. I would recommend anyone to have a professional detailed massage with a very motivated, energetic and highly trained massage therapist. It makes a difference!”

Dr. Jamie Blau
Doctor of Chiropractic


Monica Polanco’s touch is very intuitive, a nice balance of strength and precision that leads to a deeper soft tissue release. Her initial training in the rehabilitation setting has given her a much broader perspective of massage therapy.  She has the ability to correct faulty tissue patterns and at the same time giving a wonderful relaxing massage.

James Fowler, P.T.
Physical Therapist


I find Monica Polanco’s massage therapy to be superb. She’s highly skilled and very intuitive about her work. I like the fact that Monica shows a genuine interest in my personal needs and is passionate about making a difference. It’s always a truly healing experience. I’m delighted to recommend her highly to anyone considering bodywork. She really does make a difference.

Robert Rosenbaum
New York, NY


Monica is very caring and attentive when it comes to massage. She listens and concentrates on troubled parts of the body. She goes slowly if I’m in pain or goes deeper in the tissue if I’m just feeling tight or stiff. She provides personalized and individual attention. She is very professional and a nice person.

Natalie Bogachek



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