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Licensed Massage Therapy New York NY

My name is Monica Polanco. I am a New York State licensed and experienced massage therapist with an established private practice at the Upper Westside Chiropractic office in New York City.  I specialize in therapeutic, deep tissue and Swedish massage techniques for people that have muscular aches and pains due to chronic injuries, physical activities, or just due to stress. My goal as a massage therapist is to assist every individual in the process of reconnecting with his or her body by educating each about the problematic area, what might be causing it, and if necessary, giving stretches to take home. I am dedicated to providing a completely safe and comfortable environment, as well as an  experience that is pleasurable. My practice is built upon the idea that each client deserves 100% focus and attention during the massage treatment, thereby making a person feel safe, comfortable, and ultimately better physically, mentally, and spiritually.

My mission is to make a positive change in the body and mind by helping one feel more connected by learning how to listen to the body and know how fortunate it is to have a healthy one.

Massage therapy is a beneficial treatment that if anyone makes the decision to receive a massage session monthly or bi-monthly he or she will soon become aware of the benefits.

I hope that each encounter one has with me and during my service will result in a positive experience. I am dedicated in being a part of the journey in the pursuit of well-being!

Monica Polanco, LMT
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